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posted Sep 11, 2017, 12:44 PM by Paul Johnson   [ updated Sep 11, 2017, 12:46 PM ]

This National Classification Training Course will be offered at the Adaptive Sports USA, National Conference in Phoenix, AZ, October 26-28.

This course is developed to train medical and technical classifiers to become proficient in the assessment methods to determine if an athlete with physical disability meets the Minimal Impairment Criteria and to be able to provide that athlete with a Sport Class for Track and Field. 

This course is a 3-day training course. If you enroll in this course, you must stay with the training track for the duration of the conference. Through a Craig H. Nielsen Foundation grant, there will be some funding available to assist with expenses for this course.

To be eligible for the training, participants must meet one of the following criteria:
Degree or equivalent qualification in medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physical education, exercise/sport science OR have nationally recognized Athletics coaching qualifications
Participants interested in this course must send an email, indicating their interest and background, to Deanne Fay at Dfay@atsu.edu no later than Sept 27th. 

All interested participants will be notified by Oct 3rd of their selection for this course.  Prior to attending this course, participants will be required to complete the following
U.S. Paralympics Introduction to Track and Field Classification Course
Available on Blackboard CourseSites, link provided upon registration.
IPC Introduction to Para Sport (if not already completed) https://www.ipc-academy.org/?academy=1&course=47
World Para Athletics Classification Programme  https://www.ipc-academy.org/?academy=1&course=48
(The WPA Athletics Classifcation Programme requires that you complete the IPC introduction to ParaSport modules prior to completing the WPA Athletics Classification program.)

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to proceed to the practical portion as a National Track and Field Classification Trainee. For the practical portion of the training, the participant will need to attend 2 or 3 approved classification opportunities at events in which National Classifiers will be available to assess their evaluation skills. Once it has been determined that a participant is able to perform at the national level, participants will move from Trainee status and will receive their certification with U.S. Paralympics as a National Track and Field Classifier.