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    Sled Hockey


    Dallas Sled Hockey Spring practice schedule

    If you are a new skater or do not have any equipment please contact me so that we can make sure we have everything you need to skate. Please respond with age, height, & weight so that the correct gear is available. All equipment is kept offsite so we need to make arrangements to have everything for you. 

    Alfredo Corona-

    Sled Hockey1/11Saturday3:15 PM4:15 PMFarmers Branch
    Sled Hockey1/25Saturday3:15 PM4:15 PMFarmers Branch
    Sled Hockey2/1Saturday3:15 PM4:15 PMFarmers Branch
    Sled Hockey2/9Sunday3:15 PM4:15 PMFarmers Branch
    Sled Hockey3/1Saturday3:15 PM4:15 PMFarmers Branch
    Sled Hockey3/8Saturday3:15 PM4:15 PMFarmers Branch
    Sled Hockey3/15Saturday3:15 PM4:15 PMFarmers Branch
    Sled Hockey3/22Saturday3:15 PM4:15 PMFarmers Branch
    Sled Hockey3/29Saturday3:15 PM4:15 PMFarmers Branch
    Sled Hockey4/5Saturday3:15 PM4:15 PMFarmers Branch
    Sled Hockey4/19Saturday3:15 PM4:15 PMFarmers Branch
    Sled Hockey4/26Saturday3:15 PM4:15 PMFarmers Branch

    Dallas Stars Tickets

    Dallas Stars player Tyler Seguin has generously purchased a suite for the season and wants it to benefit persons with spinal cord injuries.

    Tyler is providing a 12-person suite for every home game and is donating the use to SWAA’s Sled Hockey program.  We would love to have two to three guests and their families for each game. To show our support for this awesome person and his team the Dallas Stars.

    Click here to register for a chance to attend.  Come back each month all season for the opportunity to enter for a chance to attend.

    If selected you will be emailed and will need to pick up your tickets the Saturday before the game at the Sled Hockey practice held at Dr. Pepper Starcenter,  12700 N Stemmons Fwy, Farmers Branch, TX.

    POC: Alfredo Corona, 682-556-1277 or email:

    DFW Sled Hockey had their equipment stolen from their storage unit in Farmers Branch over the weekend.  

    You can view the stories carried on WFAA and CBS11 on Sunday.  There has been a tremendous response from the community in support of their loss.

    The DFW Sled Hockey program would like to extend our deepest thanks to all those who have taken the time to help us recover from our recent misfortunes. Your donations in the last two days have helped us meet our goal of replacing our stolen equipment.  We’d like to extend a special thanks to for their sizable donation, we cannot thank you enough! Due to your donations, we’ll be able to start purchasing replacement equipment immediately.

     Taylor and I have always had one goal when we took over this program, to provide this experience at no cost to the disabled community. As disabled individuals, we understand the added costs that occur in everyday life with a disability. Fundraising and donations from individuals like you are what makes this program possible.  Fundraising opportunities and donations will continue to be accepted and appreciated. We will continue to have website available as well as the address below if you would like to support our program.  The money raised going forward will help fund the weekly ice times we hold throughout the year($300/Hour) and out of state tournament travel ($6,000 - $8,000/Event).

    On behalf of DFW Sled Hockey, we would like to again thank you for your sincere generosity and thoughtfulness. 

    Alfredo Corona email:

    Taylor Lipsett email:

    DFW Sled Hockey

    Attn: Sled Hockey Program
    PO Box 1389

    Hurst, TX 76053

    What is Sled Hockey?

     Sled Hockey is an exciting alternative sport that uses the rules of hockey. However, instead of skating, the players sit on a specially designed sled and use two short ice picks to propel themselves across the ice. Standard hockey rules apply. Legal body contact and raised puck shooting are as much a part of sled hockey as they are in traditional hockey.

    Sled Hockey

    Who can play?

    Sled hockey is a sport that totally integrates players with mobility limitation, amputees, and able-bodied players with knee, leg or hip injuries that limit participation in standard hockey. Teams are organized by age and ability. Novice, junior, and intermediate players (ages 5 and older) and the senior team (ages 16 and older).

    In other words....EVERYONE! 


     Players will find they enjoy greater physical fitness, opportunities to compete internationally, socialization, team camaraderie, new friendships and a lot of fun.

    The opportunity to play sled hockey is not limited locally. Players can progress and try out for the National Under 20 Team and/or the Paralympic Team who competes in international tournaments including the Paralympics, which take place 2 weeks after the Olympics every 4 years. Team USA won the Gold Medal at the 2002 & 2010 Winter Paralympics!


    Equipment for this sport consists of a light weight tubular framed sled, about 4-5 feet long and approximately 3 inches off the ice, with two hockey skate blades mounted beneath the seat. A portion of the front frame rests on the ice and provides lateral stability. Straps around the ankles, knees and waist securely hold the player on the sled. Two 1.5 feet “sticks” are used. The sticks are modified hockey sticks with 4 cm teeth attached to the bottom of the non-blade end. Leaning left or right while digging the stick into the ice, turns the sled. Players slide to a stop on one or both blades like a skater. All players wear regulation protective hockey equipment.

    Are you interested in playing Sled Hockey? 

    For more information, please contact:

     Taylor Lipsett-


     Alfredo Corona-