2024 Meet in the Middle

Date:  June 1, 2024

Location: University of Central Arkansas, Conway AR

The Meet in the Middle will be held at the Bill Stephens Track & Field/Soccer Complex on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas.

Meet in the Middle in Conway Arkansas at the University of Central Arkansas is in it's second year in 2023. This event is a collaboration between Move United Chapters, Southwest Wheelchair Athletic Association based in Dallas Fort Worth and the Disabled Athletes Sports Association in St Louis. It gets its name because of the unique location between these two organizations almost exactly equal distance from each location.  The Meet in the Middle will be part of the Move United Competition Series.

This will be a WPA Approved event as well as a level 3 sanctioned event with Move United and a Junior Nationals qualifier.  

Classification is not offered at this event and non-classified athletes will compete in the Runner Not Classified or Wheelchair Not Classified groups.


Schedule of events

Check-in will open at 7:30 AM

Field  events start at 9:00AM

There will be 4 seated pits.

Ambulatory will do throwing events first and finish with long jump.

Track Events will start after completion of the field events and lunch break approximately 1:00PM

Order of events will be 20, 1500,  100, 400, 60, 800 and 200


We feel that awards need to be earned.  We also respect that you are here to compete, and it is not your fault there is no one for you

to compete against.

Here is our policy on awards.

Awards will be given by event, classification, sex and age with direct competition. 

If you are the only one in your classification and age groups you will only receive 1 award for track and 1 award for field if you are

competing in both at the meet. 

Events that have multiple competitors will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards. 

For example, we have 7 T54 U14 girls and we will award 1st 2nd and 3rd places.  

We have 1 T45 U14.  They will not have any direct competition so they will receive 1 award for the meet.

2023 Results

2023 Meet-in-the-middle-Field Results_revised.pdf
2023 Meet-in-the-middle-Track Results.pdf

Thank you to our sponsors